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How to identifier conifers (needle trees)? Como identificar as diferentes coníferas?

Conifers, Coníferas,
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PINACEA family
  • Pines, Pinus, Pinheiro, Kiefern (pine needles in groups of 2, 3 or more)
  • Spruce, Picea, Abeto-falso ou Espruce, Fichten (single needles, sharp, squared, short)
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  • Firs, Abies, Abeto, Tannen (single needles, flat, softer) (compact cylindrical cones)
  • Cedars, Cedrus, Cedros, Zedern (clustered needles) (seeds like apple, but resinous)
  • Hemlocks, Tsuga, ? , Hemlocktannen
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  • Larch, Larix, Larício, Lärchen (decidious needles)
  • Douglas-firs, Pseudotugas (quite open pine-like cones)
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  • Cypress, Cupresses and other genera, Cipreste, Zypressen (small 1cm round cones)
  • Thuja,Tuia,  Lebensbäume (smaller and clustered open cones) (seeds like birch)
  • Junipers, Juniperus, Zimbro, Wacholder
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  • Redwoods, Sequoia or Sequoiadendron, Metasequoia, Mammutbäume
  • Cryptomeria
  • Callitris
  • Fitzroya
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  • Yews, Taxus, Teixo, Eiben
  • Cephalotaxus
  • Podocarpus
  • Araucarias and Kauri (Agathis)

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