terça-feira, março 27, 2007

27 March

Have done mulching on more containers. Transplanted more turnips, cabbages, leeks, brussels sprouts and thymes. Plants have been growing pretty well. Tulips are blossoming. Tomatoes and peppers I brough these inside home. Potatoes are growing very fast (maybe its the effect of the millefolium - see companion planting) and in the carrots container, plants grow more in the center where there is a garlic (see companion planting). Another advise: dont overwater lettuce plants as I did (one has rot). Peas and chick peas are flowering and peas have already some fruit!! We've cut the natural soap, label these and plan doing plenty more with other scents. We also plan doing it with ashes instead of sodium lye which is very corrosive prior to mixing.
Companion planting is the trick of growing two crops together whereas one helps the other, in growing or/and in avoiding pest and disease. Examples include radish and lettuce, beans and radish, garlic and carrots, cabbage and hissop or oregano, marigolds and other aromatic herbs in most crops...). However, others such as crops from onion family and beans family don't go well in combination! Please check the web for more information.

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Joao Soares disse...

Olá...adorei.Um tema interessante e pertinente sobre Agricultura Biodinâmica e não só.
Todos somos poucos em defesa da Terra, pelo tempo que urge em mudar.
Por isso coloquei um link do seu blogue na lista d eblogues ambientais do Bioterra (lado esquerdo)!

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João Bioterra